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ICFAI Education School (IEdS) (Faculty of Education)

ICFAI Education School (IEdS) (Faculty of Education)

ICFAI Education School (IEdS) (Faculty of Education), a constituent of the ICFAI University, Dehradun was established in 2006 to promote quality education, research, training and consultation in teaching & training with a global perspective to meet the challenges of the fast changing trends in the field of Education.

Faculty of Education aims at developing a new cadre of teaching professionals through a rigorous 2 year full-time program. It realizes the individual differences in teacher trainees and consequently attempts to provide specially designed training programs that will facilitate development of necessary abilities and skills in each teacher trainee so that they will be able to meet the challenges of the competitive era ahead of them in the best way possible.

The teacher trainees are encouraged to develop a research orientation of mind that would help them identify innovative approaches to the teaching-learning process. Every trainee has an opportunity to hone their skills by obtaining and synthesizing essential knowledge, principles and concepts from various disciplines and testing their validity in dealing with issues related to education.

As a professional institution of teaching, the Faculty of Education has a responsibility to prepare qualified professionals in teaching and academic leadership. It is expected that the students seeking admission should accept the responsibility to adhere to the highest ethical standards and code of ethics prescribed by the Faculty of Education.

Approval from NCTE

The B.Ed. Program of The Faculty of Education, The ICFAI University, Dehradun has been approved by the National Council for Teacher Education vide letter no.FNRC/NCTE/F-7/UR-31/30623064 code No. APN-01572 Dt.25th July 2006.


  • To develop the profession of teaching on sound ethical lines through rigorous standards, certification and continuing education.

  • To develop new-cadre of teachers who will be competent enough to meet the demands of future teaching-learning scenario.

  • To develop, nurture and maintain close inter-institutional relationship with other institutions interested in a similar effort from India and abroad.

  • To motivate young graduates towards teaching profession.

  • To provide innovative teachers training program for both pre-service and in-service teachers.

  • To bring qualitative development in both pedagogical and epistemological areas of teacher education.

  • To prepare and support leaders in public and private educational institutions.

  • To provide guidance in exploring new approaches to teaching learning situations.

  • To design and promote new teaching strategies for teacher education program.

  • To provide consultancy to school management in both academic and co-curricular activities.