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Students’ Seminar on “Kaveri Water Dispute”

Students’ Seminar on “Kaveri Water Dispute” - August 31, 2018

Students’ Seminar makes the students capable of being in touch with the technology. Students cannot improve their knowledge with the textbook alone so through Seminar, students get a variety of topic to speak upon and enhance their domain of knowledge.

Himanshu Joshi of B.Ed Batch (2018-20), SEM-I presented a seminar on “Kaveri water dispute”. Firstly he focused on the origin of Kaveri River through a slide. He added his points to highlight the dispute, its history and main reason behind it. He also informed us about the verdict of the tribunal established after the dispute. It was a very informative session conducted under the guidance of Prof. Sarita Negi.


Kaveri Water Dispute

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