Dear Employers,

Welcome to the modern temple of the Knowledge Experts- The ICFAI University, Dehradun!

The mankind has made a long journey from Stone Age to the modern knowledge age and there can not be a better place to Generate, Operate and Disseminate [GOD] knowledge than ICFAI University, Dehradun. This University will soon become Taxsila and Nalanda of modern age. The dedicated faculty, state of art laboratories, workshops and library, the main pillars of higher education, are very well established at ICFAI University. The University endeavors to provide full support to make its students sound professionals in their chosen field with subject knowledge, soft skills as well as communication skills.
This will be the first University in this country to adapt the new concept of:

  1. Objective based learning
  2. Live Industrial/Business Problem based learning
  3. Live Industrial/Business case based learning (2200 cases)
  4. Programme Outcome based learning

Here all the students are exposed to programme core subjects and electives for the all round development of the students and to prepare them not only for the routine jobs but also to handle completely new problems and situations, disaster, global slow downs, development of new ideas, concepts, products, designs, processes, methods and platforms.

We hope you will find our MBA at par with any world class University and of help in growing your organization.

Dr. Ramesh Lalwani
Vice Chancellor

ICFAI University, Dehradun