The ICFAI Business School Conducted a workshop on Import & Export Venture

The ICFAI Business School Conducted a workshop on Import & Export Venture

The ICFAI Business School Conducted a workshop on Import & Export Venture Sept 13, 2019

The ICFAI Business School of the ICFAI University, Dehradun invited Dr. Rishu Bharadwaj from NEDC (National Entrepreneurship Development Cell) to conduct a workshop and teach the students about how to be successful in import and export Venture in India. Dr. Rishu Bharadwaj is a certified trainer of NEDC with an exprience of more than 12 years and holds a doctorate degree in International business. Dr. Ankita Srivastava organised the workshop & the co-ordinators of the workshop were Prof. Raghavendra Sharma & Ms. Aishwarys Rastogi. Dr. Rishu Bharadwaj educated the students about scope in exports and the demand of organic products especially mango and litchi. She also informed about the registration process and said “The registration process for export-import Business or EXIM business is simple and involves a rental agreement, PAN details, partnership agreement and an application for Import Export Code (IEC).For Port registration, the documents required are shop establishment certificate, Business license issued by municipal authority, registration with central excise department and Sales Tax department & Tariff schedule code registration based on harmonized code system.”

When asked about the reason for higher cost of exporting fom northern regions, Dr. Rishu Bharadwaj said “India has 22 ports but they are situated in coastal regions outside North India, therefore export cost from the northern region increases”.

The students also asked about identifying and reaching the prospect buyers in international markets. To which Dr. Rishu Bharadwaj responded “Participation in trade shows and getting a buyer list from chamber of commerce are the basic methods to promote a business and locate prospect buyers in the international markets.”

The workshop ended with Dr. Rishu Bharadwaj informing about the documentation and government policies of export & import venture and said “The export and import business is more transparent and secure as it is bonded by the agreement enforceable by law.”


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