Computational Susatainability

Computational Susatainability

Computational Susatainability Jan 29, 2020

The ICFAI Tech School in ICFAI University, Dehradun had organised an interactive session on 29/01/2020 in the IUD Auditorium about Computational Susatainability. A bright and proud alumni of ICFAI Tech School, Mr. Saurabh Shanu, was invited to be the guest lecture to enlighten and inspire the students to pursue their career in research in the field of Computational Sustainability. Mr. Shanu is now serving as an Asst. Proffessor at UPES, Dehradun.

Mr. Shanu interacted with the students in a very engaging manner inspiring them and narrating his own experiences during his time as a student in the campus. He said about his research papers which were three in numbers during his undergraduate programs. He has done extended work on the field of Bacterial Informatics, Data Storage in Protein and Tiger Corridors. He is currently associated with Project Tiger and has developed a software which is being implemented in the national level research fields. He has presented thirteen research papers at prestigious institutions including Oxford University and ISCM, Austria.

He focussed on the motive of contribution to nature as an engineer. The students got exposure to numerous fields about the nature where the concept of Computational Sustainability could be used. He also put up many questions to the students to pursue research upon. The students promptly interacted with their senior to get new knowledge and inspirations. The session was very informative and a dynamic curiosity was ignited among the students in the field of research and to engineer the nature to sustainability using the concepts of computation.


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